Deep Sea Collection

Just for fun, a selection of images inspired by my love of the water.


Friendly, shy, blushing giant squid blowing bubbles and waving tentacles. Vector and halftones. Illustration copyright Kate Madigan.


Treasure Trove

Vector illustration of a open water swimmer-cum-pirate complete with wetsuit, goggles, eyepatch, skull and crossbones swimming cap, a utility belt holding navigational instruments, a dagger and a grenade, and an octopus sidekick on her shoulder. The octopus is wearing a mask and breathing apparatus, has a hook in place of a tentacle and is clutching a sardine-flavoured ice cream. Illustration copyright Kate Madigan. 
A barnacle-encrusted treasure chest amidst a forest of kelp and seaweed on the sea bed, bursting open to reveal golden plates and goblets, coins, a crown or diadem, a sword, and strings of jewels: pearls, rubies, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires. A koi carp looks on curiously.  Vectors and halftones. Illustration copyright Kate Madigan.